The Pacesetter

The Newsletter of the Iowa Falls Jaycees

August 2005


There are committees that still need your help!  Please call President Brent Bonner at 648-3366 to ‘flex your volunteer muscle!!’




Sunday, September 18th, 7:00pm
Metropolitan Theater's second floor



Do you have something you would like included in the newsletter?  Please email the items to  I’d be glad to oblige!








New Scholarship!

Thanks to everyone's hard work and dedication the Iowa Falls Jaycees have been able to set up an endowed scholarship with Ellsworth Community College.  This scholarship will be for a second year non-traditional student who is active in community service.


We are in the planning stages of a fall social outing.  Keep watching the newsletter for more details.  If you have something you would like to suggest let Lisa Tapper know at 712.621.3180.


September 25th will be the date for our local Run, Punt, and Pass competition before the little league football game.  Right after competition during the little league football game we will run the snack shack.  We will need people to staff it and provide baked goods for us to sell.


Our annual craft show is coming up, if you would like to assist contact Melissa Lentz at 648.6026