The Pacesetter

The Newsletter of the Iowa Falls Jaycees

January 2006


There are committees that still need your help!  Please call President Jessie Weaver at 648-4932 to ‘flex your volunteer muscle!!’




Saturday, January 21st, 6:00pm
Chris & Jessie Weaver's house



Do you have something you would like included in the newsletter?  Please email the items to  I’d be glad to oblige!


Please note our webpage has moved.  It is now located at



Officers for 2006

President - Jessie Weaver

Treasurer - Than Mott

Secretary - Tony Howard

Membership VP- Jaime Bonner

Community VP- Madeline Trump

Board Chairman - Brent Bonner




Christmas Tree Pickup - We will be picking up Christmas Trees after the holiday on December 27th at 5:30PM and January 3rd at 5:30PM.  More details will be available soon.  Chris Weaver will be heading this up again, he can be reached at 648.4932




Iowa Falls Strategic Plan - Our part of the Iowa Falls Strategic Plan is to swing into action.  We will be contacting community service groups and updating their contact information.  The resource identifying the groups is a newspaper tab from 2003.


Social - Our next meeting will be January 21st in conjunction with our holiday party which Chris and Jessie Weaver have agreed to host.  Those who would like to attend please bring $5, some snack type items, and what you would like to drink.


Supershooters - Stay tuned as the local (February 5) and regional (February 19) in Hampton basketball skills competition will be happening in the coming months.  Participants who advance with these levels will compete in the state event which takes place on March 11 in Gowrie.