The Carnegie-Ellsworth
Public Library

The Carnegie-Ellsworth Public Library (1904-05), is one of 22 public libraries in Iowa constructed with Carnegie grants made in 1903, the year which marks the highest point in Carnegie giving, both nationally and in the state. Eugene S. Ellsworth made an additional cash donation. Andrew Carnegie's library program, which funded over 1,600 buildings, 101 in Iowa between 1889 and 1919, has been accorded recognition by historians of the Progressive Era, and of the public library movement.

The Carnegie-Ellsworth Library is one of the more elaborate library buildings of its size and type. The front is lavish entrance pavilion featuring a distinctive style Ionic portico set in-antis between rusticated corner piers and a semi-circular thermal window above the cornice. The effect of richness is enhanced by the variety of materials, textures and colors. The interior, a variant of Plan Type III, features an octagonal rotunda with a double-curved delivery desk and a stained-glass dome.

The building is located at 520 Rocksylvania Ave. and is open to the public.