The National Register of Historic Places and the Historical Preservation Commission along with Times-Citizen Communications welcomes you to Iowa Falls to experience the beauty of the Iowa River and the city that has remained faithful to the heritage of its founders.

Iowa Falls is proud of its growth and development which, from the mid-1800s to the 21st century, has been a continual process. As a result, today the city has a population of 5,500 people and utilizes the historic value of the past while looking optimistically to the future.

Fifteen individual sites are listed on the National Register including three bridges and one historic district (the Mills Tower Railroad District); an additional 140 sites have been identified for future surveys.

Enjoy the unique and varied architectural styles of St. Matthew's Church-By-The-Bridge and the stately United States Post Office, the simple Women's Relief Corps and Princess Sweet Shoppe; appreciate the restoration of the elegant Metropolitan Theatre and the planned renovation of the 1915 Slayton Round Barn; visit the beautiful campus of Ellsworth Community College and the magnificence of the Edgewood School of Domestic Arts.

Transportation was an essential factor as the city developed and prospered. Railroads were located and river bridges built which made it a convenient stopping-over place for travelers, and a potential site for industrial growth. The community continues to preserve the history that helped make Iowa Falls the Scenic City of Iowa.

Located on the northern edge of Hardin County in central Iowa, Iowa Falls today looks to expand its future with opportunities for new people and industry, while continuing to preserve the rich heritage of the past for the generations to come. .