The Scenic City Heritage Courtyard
Establsihed by
The Scenic City Civic Foundation

Scenic City Heritage Courtyard Brick Project

A special project to support the Growth and improvement of Iowa Falls and Vicinity

What Does Your Participation Do For The Community?

Once the costs of the Scenic City Heritage Courtyard have been covered by initial brick purchases, additional proceeds will be used by the Scenic City Civic Foundation to fund community beautification and improvement projects.

The Scenic City Civic Foundation adds value to the community by assisting with a variety of projects. The Foundation can act as a tax free donation vehicle for various fundraising efforts. The Foundation also has the ability to identify and implement qualified projects with donations and memorials that are given to the Foundation without a designated purpose.

What Is The Scenic City Heritage Courtyard?

The scenic City Heritage Courtyard is a community beautification project sponsored by the Scenic City Civic Foundation. "Gazebo Park," as it is most often called, is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Stevens and Estes Streets. The park is a result of a building loss due to fire. The gazebo was erected in memory of Janice Ball. The foundation identified this park as an opportunity to recognize other outstanding Iowa Falls individuals, businesses and organizations.

The foundation is selling engraved bricks to fund improvements to the property. Improvements will include lighting, maintenance to the gazebo and decorative fencing. With the completion of the improvements, the park will become known as the Scenic City Heritage Courtyard. The bricks sold will be used to enhance the current layout of the park. Specific design of the brick layout will depend on the number of bricks sold.

What Is The Scenic City Civic Foundation?

The Scenic City Civic Foundation was established to administer gifts from donors, assuring that each gift will accomplish the greatest good. The goals of the organization focus solely on educational and charitable purposes. Donations are used exclusively for promoting, encouraging and aiding (recreational, benevolent, charitable, medical, literary education and research organizations) projects or work which benefits the citizens of Iowa Falls and vicinity.

The Scenic City Civic Foundation is sponsoring the Scenic Heritage Courtyard as an opportunity for you to preserve the name of a loved one, friend, business or organization for years to come.

The Scenic City Heritage Courtyard also serves as a fundraising project to support the Scenic City Civic Foundation in its community betterment efforts.

Some Ideas For Engraving Your Brick....

  • Family Name
  • In Memory of a Loved One
  • To Honor Someone
  • Anniversaries
  • Births
  • Business
  • Church
  • Club
  • School
  • Organization
  • Special Recognition
  • Classmates
  • Organization Officers
  • Employee Achievement
  • Awards Winners
  • Sports Teams
  • Celebrity Visitors

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