Electronic Sign Message Form

The Scenic City Civic Foundation (SCCF) electronic sign's purpose is to inform the public of upcoming events in the community and to welcome out of town visitors to the community. All requests must be made in writing. Forms are available to print using MS Word or Adobe PDF.
This outline is to assist you in determining if your group's event fits the criteria?

The event may be posted it is a(n):
*Announcement of a community service club's event - date/time/location
*Announcement of an event for the purpose of promoting tourism to the area
*Welcome for statewide meeting/group tours/sporting event
*Civic, School, or Church events as space permits and upon discretion of the SCCF
The event will not be posted if it is a(n):
*Inflammatory message of any kind
*Advertising of for profit entities
*Fundraiser (not for profit community service clubs exempted)
*Specific Political Message or Campaign kickoff
*Personal messages (Please see below for additional information)
*Announcement of a meeting for general visitor attendance
*Camp or Open House
*A group sponsoring a day at a special location
*A cancellation message for an event

If your events fit into these criteria, please fill out and submit the following information to the contacts provided below. Completed forms are due by the 15th of each month, no more than six months prior to the event to be displayed for seven days prior to the event. Events submitted with less than two weeks prior notice may be posted in consideration and advanced receipt of a $50 late fee payable on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of the SCCF. The SCCF will determine if messages fit listing criteria and may abbreviate names/etc. due to space limitations.
Personal messages will be displayed for one day and are limited to wishing someone "Happy XX Birthday" or a couple "Happy XX Anniversary" and will be displayed at the discretion of the SCCF and in consideration and receipt in advance of a $25 fee payable to the SCCF.
*Name of Event:
*Event Dates:
*Event Times:
*Event Location:
Event Web site:
*Anticipated Attendance:
*Where Will Attendees Be From:
*Sponsoring Organization:
*Contact Person:
*Contact Telephone Number:
*Contact Email:
Required *